Idea 1:

I have used four colours on this design them being Burnt Orange, Cream, Black and Brown. These are all autumn colours which I have used as they have a warm feel with them which I always associate with comfort. There will be a geometric fox wearing a bow tie as the brand icon, I have done this to make a British and Devon-shire connection to the product. I also did that to create a brand icon which can be used to distinguish the product by looking it look modern and yet comedic.This is in keeping with other artisan products which also use animals. The background with be brown with sweeping of the other colours to make it seem like the hills of Devon. It will be in a box shape with a triangle type top as to make it environmentally friendly.

Idea 2:

This idea is more minimalist, with a burnt orange background with white branches will be the base of this design. This is to create a simple design that looks high quality and atrisian. Again four colours are going to be used which are burnt orange, white, black and and gold. Each colour has been used to create again autumn feels and supports it being an artisian product. The logo will be going down the right side of the box in white with golden accents to make it stand out.

Idea 3:

This idea uses summer colours of light green, yellow, white and a dark green. This will be used to create a summer feel which will be welcomed in the winter months. It will be in a box shape with an aperture in the shape of a circle along with triangles to make it look like the sun.


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