Audio Production


Title: Kill me back to life


Duration: 30 Seconds


Overview: A girl confesses her feelings to a young boy, who in turn decides to murder her in his rage at her feelings. After being murdered, she is sent to the afterlife where she meets another man. For them, it is love at first sight as he is the one she confides in. The other boy, decides he loves her and so kills himself, only to go to the afterlife to see she has moved on.

Style of Animation: Claymation.


Style of Audio:

Music: I will be using the song ‘Kill me back to life’ as my main source of background music, this will connote that the animation is a tragedy story. It is in a minor key will will again support this as well as to give a romantic feel to the animation.

Ambience: For the ambience I will be using sounds such as birds, waves and traffic sounds. By using these sounds, I will be able to create an immersive experience in the animation. By using these sounds, I will also be able to make the animation sound less clinical and a more fuller sound.

Dialogue: There are two pieces of dialogue within the animation, which is a male and female voice. I will be using two of my classmates to provide the voices in a controlled environment to get the cleanest recording possible.


Examples of Audio: For ambience, I will be getting traffic sounds and wave sounds as there is a scene at the beach, this will help to make it sound more realistic and less clinical in its execution. I will also be using dialogue in my animation, using a female and male voice respectfully. By doing this, there will be another aspect added to my animation in order to make it fuller.


Techniques: I will be using a Microphones, A Tascam recorder in order to record my ambience and dialogue for my animation. This equipment is both portable and yet of high quality for my audio. I will also be using the song ‘Kill me back to life’ as the overlaying music.



Female: I Love You.

Male: On Your Own Mate.


Mock Budget: £200


Actual Budget: Due to the style of this project, I have no budget to work with. This could lead me to face various difficulties such as needing to buy materials or rent work space in order to create my animation. To combat this, I will be using college materials as well as college space, leading to having the most cost effective animation without having to spend budget that I don’t have.


Locations Of Recording:

Abbey Sands: I will be using this location for the wave sounds and also the traffic sounds. One of the problems I will face is that the beach is dog friendly so I may unadvertedly get a dog barking in the background or people. To combat this I will be going to the isolated end of the beach in order to get the sound. I will also be using this location for traffic, one of the problems I will face is the amount of traffic. Depending on the time of day it will either be heavy or light traffic. For my animation I want light traffic, however as it is a main road this may become heavy.

South Devon College (The Danish): I will be using the Danish at the college in order to get a background chattering sound for my animation. A problem will be that at this location there is a TV playing in the background, and so this may be caught in my recording.

South Devon College (2.043A): I will be using this room to capture my dialogue as it is a spacious room with good acoustics. This room has good acoustics due to the types of materials used on the walls which is a hard flat surface, as well as having straight walls which help to reflect the sound.However, because it is a classroom in use, people may interrupt the recordings or be tainted by sound from surrounding rooms.

Time Line:soundline


Equipment List:

Tascam Recorder


Spare Battery

SD Card




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