Animation Evaluation:

After completing my animation, I screened my work to various audiences to gain feedback about the quality of my animation and comments on various aspects such as the genre, storyline and the characters. My respondents all found my animation interesting in both its concept as well as how I tried to portray this within my animation, however there were flaws which made it difficult for the audience to fully understand.


Many respondents commented on the lack of clarity within the storyline and that they had to watch the animation various times before understanding the storyline. They did say, however, that the concept was very creative and that they would have enjoyed it more had they understood the storyline. From these comments, I have come to the conclusion that had I maybe used a different background which had been manipulated, then it would have been clearer. As well as adding sound effects to make it clearer that there is a change in setting and dimension.

A clear theme through out my respondents was their opinion on what genre this was. All my respondents presumed that my animation was either dark fantasy, romance or drama. As this was indeed the genre of my animation, it can be seen as successful in following the conventions of these genres. By the audience being able to discern the genre, I have shown that I understand the various conventions and how they work. I have also shown that I am able to use these conventions in my work and utilise them to make the audience understand.

There was a mix of reviews when it came to the characters and some respondents understood clearly which character was which and their part in the animation. However, there were criticisms about how they were moulded and how they looked. This will be something I will work on in the future as they were made small in order to accommodate the small set we were provided and so were unable to make stable characters in the size we needed.  If I was to do this animation again, I would not rely on college supplies and buy my own supplies.

Sound was a challenge within my animation as the original treatment based the idea around a song. Due to this, I wanted to include this within my animation. However, I was also required to input dialogue and ambient sounds which lead to the final sound being mismatched and too overwhelming. Many respondents commented that the overall animation would have been more successful without the music to overwhelm the other sounds. The dialogue wasn’t very successful as it was too quiet and the sound was recorded too close to the microphone.

Although the animation was creative, many respondents felt that they could have been improved on technical quality such as the lighting. Due to using a two different locations to create my animation, the lighting was inconsistent and this reflected in my work. However, I was able to edit the photos to try and make them all look even. Another was the lack of angles. Although I used panning shots and close ups, I could have added more variation into my work to make the animation more diverse. some examples would be extreme close ups and high angles.

The frame rate was commented upon, with many saying that I should have taken more photos and smaller movements in order to create a smoother looking animation as well as taking more time to use this to make a clearer animation.  However, some respondents replied saying that they enjoyed the frame rate as it made for a rustic feel for the animation and that it paired with the storyline as its a disjointed story.

If I was to do this again, I would use a wider variation of sets as well as manipulating my background and sound in order to be able to make the concept clearer. I would buy my own supplies as having to use college equipment was one factor that led to the low quality. There were not enough supplies for the number of students that were needing to use them over a long period of time. I would also make a longer animation which fully explored the concept that I was trying to project, this would be by using more dialogue to help with the narration.



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