Audio Evaluation:


When creating my animation, I was able to come to conclusions as to which sounds I should use. As the backgrounds were both sea-based, I decided to use sounds which are typically found within those areas. These are, for example, sounds like waves, sea birds, and wind noise. I also used a soundtrack within my animation which was ‘Kill Me Back To Life’ by Bebe Rex. I used these soundtrack due to the theme of the animation which focuses upon.

I used the pre-production sound work in order to ensure that I was organised about what sounds I would be collecting. By using this, I was able to narrow down sounds which I would need rather than including every sound that I could think of. This also ensured that I had a set time-scale for my sound collection as well as the where.

Whilst collecting the sounds I planned to use, I thought little of the target audience and instead focused upon which sounds would be found in the setting. By doing this, I hoped that I would be able to create a realistic setting which would help my animation. When I moved onto the soundtrack I would be using however, I focused intently upon my target audience to ensure that I was able to attract them and to keep their attention. I used a song which is relevant to their age as it is a young artist and a song which uses a lot of music manipulation as this is popular at the moment.

At the beginning I was planning to use over 10 sounds which would have created the perfect beach scene. However, due to time restrictions I was unable to do all of these sounds. Although, this was for the best as the sounds I were going to use would have created a mess of sounds which were not needed as well as to overshadow the animation. The final product did not reflect my initial thoughts. This is due to the amount of sound which were used. I struggled with trying to balance them all out in order to make it not too overwhelming.

The sounds that I used were appropriate for their purpose, I collected sounds which worked with the setting and theme of my animation, however the downfall was my execution of the sounds. The level of editing wasn’t high and I was unsure as to what I was doing. Due to this I wasn’t able to make the sounds work appropriately.

I managed my time effectively, and I was able to make my deadline on time. This was due to my organisation of my pre-production work. I was able to organise what sounds I needed, where I would obtain them as well as to when I was going to obtain them. Because of this organisation I was able to edit my sounds and add them to my animation within the time I was allocated.

I think I used my creative ability well, I was able to come up with solutions to problems such as car sounds and the public. To overcome this, I went out at either 5am for the bird sounds or 11pm to obtain the wave sounds when the areas were quiet. I was able to meld sounds together to create a setting which you would be able to identify without needing to look at the animation.

I enjoyed working with Logic, however as it was a new program I found it difficult to use and so this reflected in my work. If i was to use this again, I would allocate more time onto learning how to use the program in order to edit the sound to a higher standard. However, despite this I was able to use it to a passable effort which still influenced the sounds and their quality.

I have received comments about the sound on my animation, most of them being that I made them too quiet in logic to the the point where the computer volume has to be to full in order to hear them. Another comment would be that I added too many sounds which cancelled them all out which created a confusing sound.


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