Task One Part One: Explore Movement

As I am using Pixelation as my animation technique, I will be using a human being as my model. Therefore, to ensure that my animation flows smoothly, I will be looking at a seconds movement when humans are walking. Hopefully this will help to make it look more realistic and less disjointed.  Also, by doing this, I will further my understanding of human movement and so will be able to use this knowledge in further work.

I will also be recording a moments movement and then try to disconstruct the movement in order to gain a better understanding of what encompasses a second of movement. I will also be using a camera burst mode. This will again help me to further my understanding of how many movements in a second.

Below are examples that other people have made about movement in a second. This will help me in my animation as I can use this as a reference point.

I will be making very small movements between each shot when it comes to walking, this will help me to make the walking look more accurate and so will also help to make my quality of the animation higher.


The camera will be positioned central with the bed, this is to keep all the focus upon the man in the hospital bed, this will also help the audience focus upon the message that I am trying to convey in my animation. By using this position, you can see how the character interacts with his surrounding clearly, without having anything obstruct the view of the camera.


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