Task Two Part One: Sound

  • Create a sound plan and sound script

Different types of sounds in animation:

In my animation, I will be using music, voice over and ambient sound. The ambient sound will be used to create a realistic feel within the envioment, so I will be using room tone such as fans, seeing as it is a hospital envioment I will also use machine sounds to add to the ambience of the room. I will be using a voice over in my animation to recite the sonnet that I am using. I was going to use speech in my animation originally, however this is a difficult animation technique in stop motion and so opted for the voice over instead.  The use of music will also be used in order to fill the empty spaces, as well as to create more of an atmosphere within the animation. I will be using a piece of classical music as to be in keeping with the theme of the sonnet as well as the message of the animation.

Obtaining the sounds:

For the voice over, I will be going into the recording studio’s dead room to record the speech, this is because there will be no echo within the recording. By using this recording studio, I hope to catch a better quality sound which will hopefully make the quality of the animation higher. For the music, I will be using iTunes to obtain the music. This will ensure that I get a good quality track as well as not having to break any laws.

Audio Channels:

I will end up using 4 or more channels of audio within the animation, these will be the music channel, the ambient channel, and the voice over channel. All but the ambient channel will be just the one channel. The ambient channel will have at least 3 for the different sounds within the animation.


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