Task Two Part One: Lighting

Existing Lighting Techniques in Animation

In animation there are four different lighting techniques used, these are a back light: this is when you use lighting to illuminate the subject from behind. A background light: This is used to illuminate the background of a shot, next is a key light. A key light is when a main light is used to illuminate the subject of the shot and the scene and finally is a fill light: this is to illuminate or fill in the shadows within the shot as well as to reduce contrast.

Lighting Techniques.

Within my own animation, I will be using daylight as a base for my shots as well as using two of the techniques above. I will be using the key light technigue to show the subjects of my animation clearly, therefore making it clear that they are the main characters. I will also be using a fill light to balance out the daylight within the shot as to make sure that it is light enough. This will also balance out the shadows that will be on one side of the face due to the daylight.


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