Task Two Part One: Frame Rate

Frame rate in Animation:

In animation. FPS means Frames per Second. Stop Motion can be filmed in one of two frame rates. It is either filmed in single “ones, this is when it is 24FPS or in Double “twos”. This is 12FPS, this creates a more disjointed look of animation, however I think this makes a stop motion look more authentic. It also contributes to creating a stereotypical look of animation of which is instantly recognizable. Also by using 12FPS, you can spend more time on the photos that you take, which can lead to better quality photos. However, by using 24FPS, the animation is alot smoother and makes it easier for the brain to watch.

My Animation Method and Frame Rate:

As I am using Pixelation as my animation technique for this project, I will be using a frame rate of 24FPS. I am using this frame rate as it is the industry standard, but also because it creates a smoother looking animation. I will also use this frame rate due to my message I am trying to portray within this animation. Hopefully, by creating a smoother animation, the message of the animation will be clearer to the audience as they can focus entirely on the animation and not on the disjointedness of the animation.

Movement of Characters and Frame Rate:

The frame rate I have chosen is due to the type of characters that I am using within my animation. Because I am using human beings in my animation, I want to use a higher frame rate in the hopes that it can look like a stop motion but the movements of the character are representative of those in real life. Also by using a higher frame rate, I hope that my animation can have a higher quality.


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