Task Two Part One: Conveying My Text

Method Of Animation:

For my animation, I have chosen to use Pixelation as my method of animation. This is due to the photography element of the animation. As i have past experience using the DSLR cameras and the various camera equipment, by using pixelation I will be able to use this experience to my advantage. This should, hopefully, lead to having better quality photos to use in my animation. I have also used this method as I appreciate the style of having a stop-start animation rather than a smooth animation, that you would find with claymation. By not using plasticine and clay in my animation, I won’t have to worry about having a small timescale to create my animation, this is due to the clay drying out and losing its shape between days of work. I have also used pixelation as it is significantly easier to create rather than claymation, therefore I would hope that I will get a better quality of animation.


Experimentation of Animation:

I have experimented with various styles of animation before choosing pixelation. One of these was using Adobe After Effects and the puppet tool. After creating a character on Photoshop and then importing it into the program, by using the puppet tool I was able to move individual limbs to create movement. However, I will not be able to use this as an animation technique as it isn’t a stop motion animation and is therefore invalid..

Avoided Animation Techniques:

I will be actively avoiding claymation as a method of animation, this is due to the time restrictions that will be in place. When using clay, if it is left overnight, it can dry out or deform, therefore you would have to take all your shots for the animation in one day. this can lead to sloppy work as well as badly executed photos. Therefore, I feel that by using claymation, I may be setting myself up to make an animation that I wont feel proud of and would ultimately may harm my grade.

Pictures of Experimentation:



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