During this production, I was able to create three pieces that each has their pros and cons, although I did create pieces that I am proud of.  One way of which I could have improved throughout this production is being more organised, therefore would have been managed better.  When beginning this project, I wasn’t organised keeping work for this project, separated from another. This lead to work being lost and mixed up with other work, therefore meaning less work is done. If I was to re-do this project, I would start by dividing up my projects into different files as to ensure that I would be able to keep a clear view of my work.

During this project, I experienced many constraints of which are; time, creative ability and technical ability. Time was a big constraint, due to not being able to keep a clear track of what work I had completed, I was unable to keep to deadlines which has led to a decrease in my work grade. This has also taught me the importance of organisation and to try to work on one computer as not to have work spread over a large range of different devices. Creative Ability was also another big constraint. This is due to the brief constraints, I was required to work within a set guide which made coming up with ideas for my packaging designs more difficult as I am used to having free-range. This has taught me that I need to work on being less narrow minded on ideas, and the importance of mind maps and how they can help in the production of an idea.  Another is the constraint due to my technical ability, because I am not very well versed in Photoshop, I was unable to create the packaging as I saw it in my head. I also had a legal constraint of use of another persons designs in my work. I had used a leaf pattern that I was able to acquire off of Google as a background design which would, if published, could create a legal issue as I had done so without permission of the artist. Another legal constraint was having to have certain information legally required on my packaging. This meant that I was left with little space for information that I wanted to add onto my packaging.

The problems I faced during production was my lack of Photoshop skills, I decided against asking my teachers however, rather going to YouTube as to work as independently as possible as I would be expected to in the workplace.  This contributed to the final products quality, which wasn’t up to the standard that I had wanted it to be. Therefore if I was to do this project, I would ask for more assistance when I needed it, and so would have had a better end product. Another problem was the organisation of my project. Again, I tried to rectify this myself when I should have asked for help. If I had asked when necessary, my work would have been a higher standard, as well as gaining a higher grade. I also feel that had I asked for help with organization, I would have gained a new skill that I can use in the future so that I wouldn’t have the same problem in future projects.

I was able to develop my Photoshop skills during this project, this is both through trial and error as well as using the internet to answer any questions or queries that I had about the program. Through doing this I was able to learn new skills as well as gain a deeper knowledge about the program. However, this was not to a large extent and so didn’t have a significant impact on the quality of my work.  I was also able to develop my time keeping skills, although I did have problems with this during my project, I have been able to appreciate the importance of keeping to a deadline. And so in future projects will aim to keep to deadlines and get my work done as much in lessons as not to have to rush it all at the end as well as having to go over deadlines.

In terms of Cultural context, I used the image below for inspiration. I liked the use of the sharp rock shape and this led me to my geometric shaped design. I also drew inspiration from the icons where I used the fox image. The colours were also used and led to my choice of natural colours.


The audience responded well to my product with comments on the colour schemes that I had used and how the colours worked coherently with each other, this making it a visually pleasing product. This is positive as this means that potential buyers will notice and consider this product when shopping, which is what we want from this design. However, it was noted that I needed to move the logo onto the front to be in keeping with the Food Labelling Regulations as well as possible use a font that isn’t so hard to read from a distance. The audience liked my use of a geometric design for a background as well as geometric drawing of a fox as an icon for the brand; this was done as I found it a theme throughout artisanal food products and so is in keeping with the underlying theme of the industry. In terms of visual language I used a geometric shape to good effect and is something new that I haven’t seen used before. I also did this with colours by using natural tones to reflect the earthy style to link with natural ingredients.

Compared to past graphic designs I have created, these have worked out as successful as my cards that I created last year as I have used my own ideas as well as incorporating themes from other products of the same to create a convention product that is used in the industry. I would say that the overall effect of this design was more successful than past endeavours due to my research and how I incorporated it into my design.

I did achieve my intentions in this project to create a product that fit the client brief as I stuck to the briefs guidelines. Such as keeping to four colours as a scheme, and so therefore keeping to the brief. Every colour that I used had a reason, I tried to stick to earth colours such as browns and greens to represent how the product was all natural and able to be eaten without worries of chemicals. I did also use these colours as they related well to the icon that I had created and so was able to create theme that was carried throughout the design. However, I could have been more organised which would have made my work better and the experience less stressful.


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