Meeting Minutes:

  • Practiced filming with replacement dancer as there was a communication issue with our current dancer.
  • Found that we need to lower the lighting to make sure that all areas are covered equally, as well as to make sure that the dancer stands out from the black backdrop.
  • Also need to ensure that the camera is kept focused during filming which may mean that we will have to focus the camera manually.

Still to be completed:

  • Shot list
  • Filming Schedule
  • Studio Layout for the Dance Studio

We have sorted out our communication issues with karma and now have 2 dancers, ready and available to film with. This means that we will also now have spare footage in case of any file corruptions.

We have been able to acquaint ourselves with the equipment that we will be using, able to get a clear look of our location and its limitations. Have also been able to give one of our dancers a brief overview of what will need to one done and what we want specifically in the music video.

What has been completed:

  • Production Schedule,
  • 3 Risk assessments
  • 3 Location Surveys
  • 2 Studio Layouts
  • Equipment List
  • Prop List
  • Call Sheet
  • Storyboard



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