Final Outcome:

The final outcome of this project is to create a product that fits the clients brief for her products packaging as well as creating a product that fulfils my given assignment by the college.

I will do this by constantly referring to clients brief, trying to expand my target audience research and by referring to the assignment brief to ensure that I reach the intended criteria. Through doing this I will be able to produce my project to a high standard as well as produce an example of my work for my future portfolio. I will also be able top produce this design by using my knowledge of various software and equipment.

I will present this project to the client through using a power point describing the product as well as background information that will show why my product is fit for use. I will also aim to create a live version of my packaging to show the client in person how it will look when it is produced, how effective it will be and how I have kept her environmental concerns in mind.


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