Printing Techniques

Today, we went to the printing room to experience with two different printing techniques.

One was Monotone printing which is completed by putting a thin layer of ink on a steel plate and placing thin paper over the top, making sure not to press down. Then you place the image over the paper, grab a pencil and trace your image. You have to make sure not to have your hand press onto the paper! You then remove the image, use a dry roller and roll over the paper to get the design onto the paper and then remover very carefully.

Screen Printing was another technique that I experimented with. You use a scalpel to cut out a design (making sure that a mat is used underneath) and then remove what you have cut out. Use sticky tape to attach it to the screen and flip it over onto some thin paper. Grab a blob of paint, put it over the design and then use a squeege at an angle, and press hard, to speed the ink in one stroke to cover the design. And then you have a screen print.


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