SWOT Analysis

For task 2, I am required to look at my Strengths,Weaknesses as well as Opportunities and Threats involved with this project. To be able to analyse these critically I will be able to find potential problems that I may have later in my project.


Another example of a strength is Time-Keeping. I am able to keep myself to a deadline and complete work in the time that I have set to a high standard. This will be useful for this task as it has, for some tasks, a tight time frame. This also shows that I am able to work fast and effectively, which is another strength that I possess.

Communication is a key strength that will help me throughout this project as I will be communicating with the client with questions, drafts and initial ideas as to create a product that they like. Its also needed as I need to get my point across about my various ideas in a short and concise way. For example, I have emailed the client asking for their opinions on various subjects such as the inclusion of geometric designs.

Creativity is also needed in this project which is one of my strengths, and not just with producing design ideas, I am also creative in ways that I overcome problems that I may come face to face with during this project. By having this strength I am able to think outside of the box and produce new original ideas.


However I also have weaknesses to consider throughout this project that may slow down production, one of these will be organization. I am unable to keep my paperwork organized and in order, this could be a problem as I may end up wasting time trying to find a specific document and not being able to due to it all being a mess. To try and combat this I will be using a folder and adding each document to it in the order that it is done, and once a week organizing it back into order so I won’t have to combat this problem. For example I have made various lists and folders full of the work that I have done so far as well as trying to include it all onto the blog.

Another weakness is my technical limitations. I am unable to use PhotoShop to a near professional standard which could lead to not being able to create my designs exactly as they are in my mind. I am also unaware how to use multiple settings on the computers as well as try to fix it, in the instance that it froze or broke. To try and overcome this I will have to rely on the help of teachers, technicians and my peers. I may also have to go to the internet to come up with solutions to my problems. For example, when I did a unit last year, I used YouTube tutorials to help to try and create my universe background on one of my cards.

And lastly, another weakness is I am easily distracted. I can easily become unfocused from my task which can lead to it taking more time than needed on one part of the project due to go off task when on the internet or finding the perfect song to listen too on YouTube. One way that I combat this is by creating a playlist on my phone to listen to while working so no longer spending time on YouTube and by following links that are useful, and not going on a wild goose chase. For example, last year I got distracted from my work due to YouTube


There are many threats that I will have to consider that may slow down production time and may lead me to re-do pieces of work.

One of these will be the various computer changes, I will be working over four computers which could lead to the loss or corruption of files from being continuously downloaded and changed. One way to stop this from happening will be using a cloud, such as iCloud or Google Drive. This will keep all my work in once place without fear of it being corrupted or lost as if it was on a memory stick. This will also keep all my documents organised.

Another threat is that I am not the only person competing for this brief, so I must try to look at my competition and get a gauge of their ability to ensure that I am able to secure the brief.


An opportunitiy that may arrise from this project will be that I will be able to use my designs in my portfolio in the future as well as getting real life experience in what would be a clients expectations when fulfilling a brief.

Another Opportunity is that I will be able to further my skills on photoshop as well as printing as I will be taught new methods as well as developing my skills that I already possess.




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