Primary Research Results:

Age: The majority of those who answered my questionnaire we 16-24 years old, this is a positive result as this is the age group that I am targeting with my music video. However with the other ages I will be able to see how age relates to music videos and how people of any age access them.screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-12-04

Gender:With being able to see the gender of those who answered my questions, I will again be able to make links between their answers and how this can relate to their gender. It will also show me what they prefer in a music video and how I can fulfil what they expect of a music video.


Employment Status:By knowing the employment status of those filling my questionnaire I am able to make a clearer view of my target audience and how much money they have to spend on music and how much it influences their day to day life. Most of my results showed that they are employed and a student. However being Employed full time as well as being an unemployed student come as an equal second.



Preferred Music Genre: This question is where we begin to focus on music and what my participants prefer. By getting this information I will know how popular my music genre is as well as the target audience’s profile. The two most popular music genres were Pop and Rock with Alternative coming in second. The music genre that I am using had 4 responses out of 21 which shows that it isn’t mainstream popular but that people do listen to it. It also isn’t a true representation of how many people listen to it as I am asking what they prefer, in other words what they like the most rather than what do they listen too.




What Emotions Do You Associate with Music: I’ve asked this question to try and see what types of emotions that I should try to convey through my music video and what people do feel. By knowing this I can try to access these emotions to make my music video memorable as well as a piece that people will discuss.



What Platform Do You Watch Music Videos On: This is an important question as I will need to know whee to release my music video in order to get the most people to view it. YouTube proved to be the most popular, this can be due to its easy accessibility. You can watch videos at home or on the go as it can be accessed on computers and mobile phones alike.


What Format Do You Buy Music: this is again another important question due to knowing which to promote when advertising the song so that more people watch it. It is also important to know to try and estimate the sales of a song by downloads compared to CD’s as they are becoming the less popular choice.


How much music do you buy a month: I asked this question to try to estimate, again, how many people would buy the song as well trying to estimate how they get their music, I would suspect that those who put ‘None’ would pirate music rather than buy it.



What Type of Music Video Do You Prefer to Watch: This is helping me decide what type of music video I should produce, this will make it more successful with my audience. Storylines proved to be the most popular choice with my participants and so will be the type of music video I produce to try and reach my audience.



Do you think that the use of colour helps to create a direct message: This question was included as to see how the use of colour can affect my video. For example I could do it all in black a white but it take the meaning out of the video. However if I choose only certain parts of the video to be in black and white it will show that its been in the past.



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