Minutes from meeting Lorraine:


  • Lorraine started as a fashion designer, then moved to catering after the birth of her daughter. She then moved to teaching Horticulture.
  • Delish started as a way to use her leftover herbs, and so they turned into crackers.
  • Started to show her products as Food Fairs and Markets. She hired a photographer to take lifestyle shots of her product to show how they are supposed to be used.
  • She baked it not as a product to be used everyday, its an artisan product.
  • She used to create preserves, however there was too much competition in the market and they didn’t sell as well as the crackers.
  • Looked at the growth of the savoury cracker.
  • Best Seller: Olive and Sea-salt (This flavour has won awards.)
  • Has limited to four flavours that are the best sellers, these are to go to wholesalers.
  • Logo: Her biggest mistake. Looks likes leaves, meant to be splashes. Unusual font that wasn’t known to the packaging companies.Organised but not original or artisan . Can re-design Logo if I wish.
  • Packaging: Look at a British company, no more than 66p per box. Can be alternative packaging solutions. Dimensions of the packaging will be sent, same width but different height.  For January. Needs to be organic, and simple. Forest StewardShip ( Look at)
  • Counter Top: External will be plain, inside will be colourful.
  • Gluten Free, no wheat in product but not vegan friendly. Cornish Seaweed Company used for seaweed flavour.

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