Critical Analysis of a Graphic Design



This is an analysis of the Heinz Beanz Fridge Pack.

Thye have used the bright blue colour that is their signature colour for baked beans as well as using the same shield shape which is used across all their products. By doing this they use brand recognition as a selling point to consumers by saying that nothing has changed to the brand or to the product.They also use an image of the baked beans on the front of the packaging to show off the product in the most attractive way, again to make people buy the product.  It also contrasts nicely with the black shield background as well as the blue of the overall packaging to make it stand out more to the consumer. It also use a calendar picture of the old american flip calendars to promote that they are one of consumers ‘five a day’ that promotes that it is a healthy product to eat. This product is a Fridge Pack which is why it is bigger, this makes it seem like a better value for money and why it is made out of plastic rather than the metal cans that are usually associated with the product. The product also s uses a film appeture on the side of the product to show how much each portion is as well as showing the consumer that they are getting what they are paying for.

The font that they have used on the packaging is consistent with all their other products and hasn’t changed, however they have tried to seem more modern with the use of a ‘Z’ instead of an ‘S’ on the end of Beans. This used to be done by teenagers and so is an attempt to connect with a younger audience.


One thought on “Critical Analysis of a Graphic Design

  1. traceyturner says:

    Good analysis Issy. I like your terminology and how the packaging connects to the teenage market. You have analysed the colour, font and image used. To progress, say what you like about it and would consider using in your own design.Also, the image is too small to see. You should now move on to looking at more high end packaging similar to what Lorraine wants.


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