Critical Analysis of a Graphic Design

This is a T-Shirt design featured on Society 6.

This is a vector design that has geometric themes, this creates an interesting image which is still recognisable as a Fox. Different parts of the deign relates to the image in different ways such as the leaves, this relates to the habitat that foxes live in. The geometric pattern is chaotic in design as there is no pattern or consistency to how it looks. This could have been done to make the Fox look wild and free rather than having a consistent pattern which can feel confining. The way that the fox is facing is as if they are looking up at the wearer of the shirt or up towards the sky. It gives the fox a profile to best show off the geometric pattern that has been designed. It was most likely produced on adobe illustrator or photoshop to have that much detail.


One thought on “Critical Analysis of a Graphic Design

  1. traceyturner says:

    This is an excellent analysis Issy. Exactly what you are very good at, seeing the hidden meaning within a design. Excellent job! How can you apply this to your packaging design? Maybe you could use some sort of animal on the packaging that interacts with the customer holding the packaging 🙂


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