Research Ideas for a Music Video

Mood Boards for three ideas:

I have created my mood boards with annotations on Pinterest. The links are below.





Has it been done before?

Something similar has been done before in Adele’s Video When We Were Young as it is filmed in a recording studio as if it was a live performance. It’s been done in numerous music videos by artists such as Ed Sheehan as well as Adele, in these videos they make it look like a live performance as to show off their talents. One video that specifically has the same feel to my own music video is Britney Spears- Trouble.

Are there any movies with any similar feel or look?

A movie that I feel has a similar look are various films made by artists such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber who made films about their tours and concerts. They have the same style of filming that I plan to replicate in my own music video as well as having the same atmosphere that I want to recreate.

A couple films that comes to mind is One Direction- This is Us as well as Katy Perry-Part of me. These have both been popular with their fan bases. This is because they provide a unique insight into the artist life when on tour. Due to this fans feel as if they are closer with the artist and have a special connection as they are a part of an intimate experience.



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