The Use of Colour

Within the media, the use of colour is very important as it can convey meaning as well as evoking feeling through a piece.

When looking at an artists work, its very rare that you can realise the amount of work that goes into a piece of work. Below is a piece of impressionism, this is a theory or style of painting which originated in France in the 1870’s. Its characterised by the concentration of the immediate visual impression produced by a scene and the use of unmixed primary colours and small strokes to simulate reflected light. As you can see, all of the colours are bright and engaging for whoever is viewing.


Going back to the basics of colour, there are three primary colours that are at the base of all colours. This is yellow, blue and red, these are pigment colours which cannot be created by the mixing of colours, in simple terms they are purest colours. Each of these mixed together then begin to create the secondary colour wheel. which is where they start to become more complex. The secondary colour wheel consists of green, orange and purple. We then go to Tertiary colours which is the mixing of both secondary and primary colours and so on and so forth.

There is such thing as colour harmony, these are colours which are pleasing to the eye, and create a sense of balance within the viewer. This is also similar to analogous colours, these are three colours which follow each other on the colour wheel and therefore are harmonious. Below is an example of harmonious colours, the reds and oranges, with an accent colour which is the purple.


Below are examples of natural harmonious colours that I have created using a colour blender.




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